Murrysville's Automated Recycling Program

2015 Recycling Schedule

2014 Recycling Schedule

Items to Recycle


Household trash collection will not be affected by this program and should be continued to be handled as it has been for the past several years.

There will be a monthly charge for the wheeled carts, with the total cost of the carts being spread out over a four-year period (October 1, 2012, through September 30, 2016):

38-Gallon Wheeled Cart - $ .79 per month ($39.48 total) 36-3/4” High x 18-3/4” Wide x 23-3/8” Deep
65-Gallon Wheeled Cart - $ .98 per month ($48.96 total) 42-3/8” High x 25-1/8” Wide x 29-1/2” Deep
95-Gallon Wheeled Cart - $1.09 per month ($54.60 total) 40-3/4” High x 29-3/8” Wide x 33-7/8” Deep

Residents may NOT use their own trash cans with wheels for the automated recycling program, as the wheeled carts offered through Allied Waste are specially designed to withstand the automated truck that is used for automated recycling.  Also, Allied Waste is responsible for the maintenance of the wheeled carts through September 30, 2016; therefore, the specially designed wheeled carts have standardized parts, should repair/replacements be required.

Residents will own the wheeled carts after the four-year period and be responsible for the maintenance of the cart.  

If you move, please contact Allied Waste at 877-788-9400 (toll-free) for proper billing of the wheeled cart.

If you live on a private lane or road, Allied Waste will notify you as to the proper handling and placement of the wheeled cart. Every effort will be made to make automated recycling as easy as possible.


If you have a disability or handicap, please contact the Municipality of Murrysville’s Recycling Coordinator to discuss how your needs may be met for the automated recycling program at 724-327-2100, Ext. 130.


Should you have any questions on the automated recycling program, please contact either Allied Waste at 877-788-9400 (toll-free) or the Municipality’s Recycling Coordinator, Cherie Weber, at 724-327-2100, Ext. 130 or