About the Department of Finance

The Department of Finance shall be responsible for the administration of activities pertaining to the receipt, expenditure, accounting, investment, custody and control of municipal funds and assets, except to the extent that such activities are otherwise provided for by law, the Charter or ordinance. 

The Department of Finance shall be headed by the Director, Jacie Milchak, who shall be responsible to the Chief Administrator for the performance of the function of the department.  The director of the Department shall be the chief fiscal officer of the Municipality and shall be appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of Council in accordance with C-117 of the Charter.


  • Collect all moneys due or receivables by the Municipality, including but not limited to Real Estate, Hydrant, Earned Income, Per Capita, and Local Services taxes.
  • Deposit municipal moneys in the official depository as soon as practicable after receipt,.
  • Keep accurate and complete accounts of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Annually state the Department's accounts and lay the same, together with all related books and vouchers, before the auditors of the Municipality.(Audit)
  • Disburse municipal funds pursuant to authorizations for payment made by Council and ensure that no payment is made or obligation incurred against any appropriation except in accordance with the designated budget appropriations.
  • Sign, along with the Mayor, all checks, drafts and other instruments which disburse municipal funds, subject to the provisions of C-113 of the Charter.
  • Pay over all moneys remaining in the treasury and deliver all books, papers, accounts and other things belonging to the Municipality to any successor.
  • Provide assistance to the Chief Administrator in the development of operating budgets, long-term fiscal programs and related budgetary and administrative analyses.     (Operating Budget)                                                                                           (Capital Improvements Program)
  • Provide to the Mayor a monthly computer printout reflecting the current balance of all budgetary accounts.