Selling, Renting, & Refinancing Real Estate

Any person selling, renting, or refinancing real estate located within the Municipality of Murrysville and connected to the public sanitary sewer system is subject to an inspection of their sanitary sewer lateral for illegal storm or surface water connections to the public sewer system. 


This inspection is performed by the Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority (FTMSA) at a cost of $350. No sale or refinancing can be completed until an inspection certificate is issued. 


To schedule an inspection, please call the FTMSA at 724-327-1950.

Occupancy Permits/ Residential Units

For owner occupied structures or owner occupied homes the Municipality of Murrysville does not require an occupancy inspection.

Rental Units

The Municipality of Murrysville requires registration and inspection of rental unit occupancy. 

Rental Until Occupancy Application

Rental Unit Registration