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Life as The Finance Director 

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Murrysville is a municipality in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States, located roughly 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on U.S. Route 22, just east of the county line that separates Westmoreland and Allegheny counties. Murrysville is also rich in history as the first commercially-piped gas well was drilled here and that site remains today as a part of our parks system. We are also unique in that we have a "tree sign" which literally uses individual trees to spell "Murrysville" on a hillside. Our beautiful suburban community has 37 square miles of land and approximately 22,000 residents. We take great pride in our attractive neighborhoods, our strong school system, our variety of churches, our responsive government and our rural character. Murrysville offers a wide variety of public and private park and recreation facilities, both at the neighborhood and at the community level. 

Our Finance Director wears many hats throughout the year in addition to managing a $14 million budget.  The job has routine responsibilities as any accounting position does, but in no way is this job routine.  Each day brings something new and the structure of the administrative office allows for the Director to delve into areas outside of the normal accounting functions. 

The Finance Department consists of the Director and one Finance Clerk.  The Director is responsible for the administrative assistants' scheduling and workflow of the reception area.

The Finance Director oversees the Human Resource responsibilities for the Municipality and serves as a point of contact for employees needing assistance with employee benefits, payroll and tax issues and pension questions.

The Finance Director assists the Chief Administrator during union negotiations by providing valuable financial information used by the Negotiating Committee.  This information can be historical in nature or projections of costs associated with new benefits being considered.

The Finance Department works closely with the other department heads on a daily basis on a variety of projects and concerns, some not related to the financial side at all.  This position takes a role in the planning of future park development and interior facility updates such as new flooring, painting,etc. of the various municipal buildings.  The Director will also help with administrative programs and projects that shape the overall direction of the Municipality. 

It isn't unusual for the Director to be found taking an active part in an event for the Senior Citizens' of the community or parking cars at the Farmer's Market.  This person can be as active in other department events and projects as time allows.

This diversity helps to make this position a challenging but ever changing one that is unlike the normal "accounting job".

Priorities for the Incoming Finance Director

  • Capital Planning - Murrysville prides itself on its infrastructure and strives to keep the roads, bridges, parks and facilities up to date and safe for the residents.  The Capital Improvements Program is a five year capital plan that is worth approximately $14 million dollars.  It is done an annual basis and it outlines the future needs and assigns costs and funding methods for the various projects whether it be road improvements, park updates and/or development or equipment purchases.  
  • General Fund Budget - Murrysville's general operations are provided through an annual budget of $9.5 million dollars.  The largest source of revenue is from earned income tax collections with real estate taxes being the second largest source.  The municipal staff consists of 14 full time administrative personnel, 21 full time police officers, and 21 public works employees. Salary and benefit costs make up 72% of the total general fund operating budget.  The remainder of the budget consists of costs related to providing the services essential to the community.
  • Other Funds -    
    • The Hydrant Fund tracks real estate assessment used exclusively for municipally owned hydrant                   maintenance.
    • The Debt Service and Bond Sinking Funds track and record the real estate millage dedicated to                     the  annual debt payments and the remaining balance of the outstanding debt. 
    • The State Fund includes the monies received from real estate millage dedicated to road                                             improvements as well as the annual Liquid Fuels allocation from PennDOT for road maintenance.
    • The Concert in the Park Fund functions as an enterprise fund to provide revenues and track costs                 associated with the annual community event.
  • Human Resources - The Finance Department is responsible for all aspects of personnel management including benefit management, pension administration, workers' compensation, disability insurances and any payroll issues.

Compensation, Benefits, and Workplace Culture

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience and qualifications
  • Health care benefits including medical, dental, and vision 
  • Vacation, sick, and personal time
  • Defined Benefit Pension with five year vesting
  • Supportive elected officials


  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/Finance
  • Minimum of five (5) years' experience in financial management in a supervisory capacity, preferably for a municipal or public sector organization
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook, and experience using financial accounting software
  • Solid management and people skills
  • Strong written and communication abilities


The detailed job description and online job application can be found by visiting the Employment Portal.