Current Foundation Projects

Concrete Cornhole Boards

Designed for "bring your own bags" to play in the park, these permanent concrete cornhole sets have recently been installed at Murrysville Community Park at Leftwich Pavilion.  Sponsorships include family name or brand logo on each board.  Our goal is to install these in additional parks throughout the community. See our Gifting and Donating page for details

cornhole 3cornhole 1

Trail Stencils Project at Murrysville Community Park

We Did It! 

With everyone's contributions at the Chalk The Walk events, coupled with a $1,000.00 grant from WalMart Giving, we purchased the trail stencils supplies and  started painting! Look for many more at MCP, our neighborhood parks and other surprise locations!  We are excited to bring these engaging and interactive activities to the parks for everyone to enjoy.  

Volunteers are needed! Contact us if you'd like to help paint! 

trail stencils

painting trail stencils