Veggie Ambassador Vegetable of the Week

WHO IS our veggie ambassador??

Our Veggie Ambassador was born out of a love for home cooked meals, family, and fresh food options. After many conversations about cooking classes and quick-dinner ideas for busy families we decided that offering classes just meant another place and time for busy families to schedule, which was counter-productive. So, it made sense to share this passion for fresh food and yummy meal tips at our Farmers' Market, literally putting it directly in the hands of the community. 

Erick Etzler is no stranger to the Murrysville Farmers' Market. She was one of our first vendors in the early years; she and her husband crafted wood puzzles from upcycled wood and had a wonderful following. (The Kids' Club kids LOVED saving up their coins all season so they had enough to buy a puzzle!) Every week she found guests hanging out at her tent, working the puzzles, and chatting about the Market, food, meals, life in general. Lately she's been busy with other pursuits and hasn't been a vendor for a while but came to us this year with her newest passion (meals and food) and Veggie Ambassador was born! 

Veggie Ambassador

Vegetable of the Week

July 1: BEETS


Boil, roast, pickle, bread, salad, many delicious options! Try these links below for some great ideas and recipes

Not sure how to use beets? Here are some pointers:


WRAP like a tortilla for a Mexican or Asian wrap

TOSS into salads, sautes and more

WILT your chopped or shredded cabbage just like spinach

Check out these awesome recipes!


Market zucchini 

ZOODLES! Get a zucchini spiralizer, twist your zucchini into fun, curly "noodles", then use in your favorite recipes!

FRESH zucchini is great in pasta salad

GRILL it with olive oil and parmesan 

BAKE zucchini boats or chips with marinara sauce and parmesan/mozzarella cheese

Try even more with these tasty recipes!


Cucumbers at the Market

Cucumbers are so VERSATILE! 

ADD them to water for a refreshing drink on a hot day

SLICE them into salads

TOP slices with cream cheese and your favorite toppings, just like a cracker!

Try some of these ideas: