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1. Is the $12,000 low income exemption for the tax mandatory?
2. How is the Local Services Tax (LST) deducted from the employees and remitted to the tax collector?
3. At the beginning of the year, an employee expects to earn a total of $10,000 in the Municipality of Murrysville for the tax year. Should the employer withhold the Local Service Tax (LST)?
4. Is an employer responsible for withholding the Local Services Tax (LST) if it was not correctly anticipated that an employee would make $12,000 before year's end?
5. If an employee has two jobs, one of which is in the Municipality of Murrysville, and earns more than $12,000 per year total, how should the Local Services Tax (LST) be paid?
6. If an employee has a job both in and out the Municipality of Murrysville, earns more than $12,000 per year total but less than $12,000 in the Municipality of Murrysville, are they subject to the LST?
7. If an individual earns more than $12,000 per year in both the Municipality of Murrysville and another municipality, what is his Local Services Tax liability?
8. Is a self-employed person who has an office in the Municipality of Murrysville or who works out of his home located in the City of Pittsburgh subject to the Local Services Tax (LST)?
9. Two separate employers who are located in Pittsburgh withheld the Local Services Tax from the same employee. What should the employee do?
10. An employee previously worked in a different municipality that also levies a Local Services Tax (LST). Does the employee also pay LST to the Municipality of Murrysville?
11. What happens if an employee discontinues working and has exceeded $12,000? Must the employer try to collect the tax from the former employee for the remainder of the year?
12. If a non-resident contractor hires personnel from both in and out of state, what are the obligations for the Local Services Tax (LST)?
13. Am I required to pay the Local Services Tax (LST) if I am on active military duty?